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EreMika (エレミカ Eremika) is the love ship between Eren Jaeger and Mikasa Ackerman.


The two first met as Eren's father, Grisha, was the family doctor for the Ackerman family. When arriving the home they encountered the bodies of Mikasa's parents deceased. Grisha tells Eren to wait by the foot of the mountain, however Eren disobeys his father's request and goes to search for Mikasa, who was taken by a group of robbers planning to sell Mikasa as a sex slave. Eren finds a cabin and makes a plan in order to save Mikasa by acting like an innocent lost boy in the mountains, with this plan he was able to stab one of the robbers, as well another one before freeing Mikasa from the ropes. The final robber arrives and immediately kicks Eren and later choking him, Eren weakly encourages Mikasa to fight the man which then later awakens her power. Mikasa successfully kills the last robber and saves Eren. Grisha gathers the two while the police investigate the murder, with Mikasa now being an orphan, Grisha takes Mikasa in. Eren wraps his scarf around Mikasa which she then still continues to wear till the end of the story.

Fall of Shiganshina arc

Battle of Trost District arc

104th Training Corps arc

The Female Titan arc

Clash of The Titans arc

Royal Government arc

Return to Shiganshina arc

Marley arc

War for Paradis arc


The ship name EREMIKA is part ERE from EREN and part of MIKA from MIKASA.


It's the second most popular ship for Eren and Mikasa. Despite it's popularity it has gained both more shippers and those who opposed it, especially with the drama amongst the second to final chapter where Mikasa kisses Eren's dismembered head.


  • In the manga Mikasa's scarf is black, meanwhile the anime adaption changed the color of the scarf to red.
    • Ironically, in East Asian beliefs the red scarf means “the red thread of fate”, symbolizing Mikasa and Eren's relationship. The belief adds on that the red scarf means a man and woman destined to be with each other.
  • Isayama mentioned in 'Gekkan Shingeki no Kyojin' Volume 3 that Mikasa's presence was more motherly than a lover to Eren.[1]
  • Eren and Mikasa were originally were supposed to share a kiss in Chapter 50 of the manga, however Isayama mentioned he felt too embarrassed to illustrate the scene.
  • Mikasa's character song "No Matter Where You Are" is heavily dedicated to Mikasa and Eren's relationship.